The Pathway Home Foundation, Inc.
A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Food Pantry Program

“Food Pantry” program. "Reach Them, Feed Them, Teach Them!"

The Pathway Home Foundation's food pantry program is dedicated reaching the disenfranchised of our society, to provide life skills to the needy, and to prevent hunger.

Currently we provide emergency food and assistance to over 900 families, over 500 children, and we feed seniors and the underemployed.

We can help your organization provide food pantry services to your community too! Nonprofits, churches, and charities may contact us to start your very own food pantry program.  The Pathway Home Foundation seeks to expand its reach throughout the Atlanta area by partnering with organizations with the same goals of helping the youth, needy, and families. 

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Girls Coming Up Program

"Girls Coming Up” program. Dedicated to improving the lives of our youth, teens, and their families.

The Pathway Home Foundation’s, “Girls Coming Up” mission is to empower young girls, by helping them to develop life skills through training, and assistance to help them stay in school. The “Girls Coming Up” program offers mentorship, scholastic tutoring, transportation to school, medical assistance, computer training, and job search assistance to young girls, teens, and to their families.

MeMyCo Program

MeMyCo is a personal development program for children ages 10 - 16. Children are taught to view themselves as a company, in order to create a brand and values that they want their brand to represent. MeMyCo will teach children character concepts (responsibility, self control, excellence, integrity, etc.) as well as small business concepts (branding, goal setting, budgeting, social media marketing, reporting, etc.).

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Career and Job Readiness Programs

Career and Job Readiness Programs.

"Women Ready for Work (WRW)" Program.

"Men Ready for Work  (MRW )" Program.

The Pathway Home Foundation’s Career and Job Readiness program provides resources to individuals seeking employment or enhancement of their job skills.  Services provided to anyone seriously seeking work or searching for a better career are:  Resume Assistance & Job Readiness Skills, Job Search Assistance, Job Placement and Referral Service, Personal Development and Skills Training, Computer Access and Internet Service, Computer Lab for Job Searches and Skills Training (coming soon), Career Counseling, Adult Education and Training Classes, Support and Resources Services and Community Services Referrals.